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SameDay.my is a brand new emarketplace in Malaysia that offers same-day delivery to its customers. We are very passionate to grow day by day since end of 2019. Being not a pioneer in this industry and as a start-up company, we believe we have so much opportunity to grow more efficient.

We have done the RnD since 2013. Therefore we have so much idea for this project. This year in 2022, we are ready to introduce Phase 1 to the market. We aim to continually enhance our platform and become the preferred online shopping platform by Malaysians. 

In three years from now, we aim to expand to South East Asia country like Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. Our mission is to make shopping and selling activities a much more enjoyable in our daily life. That is why our name is SameDay.my.

We are currently expanding our team as we would want to grow faster. We are aggressively lookout for talents who have the passion and drive to become part of a fast-moving and dynamic team. Do check out our career website https://sameday.my/page/career-join-our-team/ for our available positions!


Your sincerely,

Pn Miindah Osman (CFP),