Return & Refund Policies

Item condition for valid customer returns:                
Change of Mind/ Don't Want Item or It Does't Suit/ Fit Me Expired/ Physical Damage Faulty or Defective Item(s) Incomplete Items/ Missing Parts or Accessories/ Original Packaging Missing Freebies Received Wrong Item Not as Advertised (item doesn't match description/ pictures) Counterfeit/ Fake Item(s)
New Condition Item is new and never be used    
Original Non-Permanent Seal is intact & available This shows that the item is not opened (e.g Electronics item seal). Product sealed should not be broken EXCEPT for item type that cannot be differentiated visually based on information provided on the box/packaging only Exception for Fashion Items       Exception for Fashion Items  
Permanent Seal is intact & available For items that has permanent seal (eg. Milo Carton), this seal will indicate if item is indeed open    
Original Package in acceptable condition The item original packaging needs to be in good condition and in resalable condition      
Tags & Label present - Fashion only All tags and label of the product will need to be present during QC  
Item in original physical condition (resalable) For item that has been opened up from packaging, ensure it is in acceptable condition for reselling.      
Item functions as described by Vendor Certain category (eg. Electronics) will need to work as per PDP        
Item is as described/ advertised by Vendor Crosscheck with PDP to ensure item received by customer is correct.    
All accessories present All accessories as per stated in PDP need to be present for return.  
All freebies present All freebies as per stated in PDP need to be present during return.  
Admin Fees, Cancellation Fee & Return Shipping/Delivery Fee will be borne by: Customer Vendor Vendor Vendor Vendor Vendor Vendor Vendor




12.1       Customer may only cancel his/her order after the payment made to SAMEDAY.MY pursuant to the specific reason listed in the Customer’s terms and condition.


12.2       Customer may apply for the return of the purchased item and refund from the Vendor by making and application via Member Dashboard. Pursuant to the application received from the Customer, SAMEDAY.MY shall processed the application and determined whether Customer are entitled to return the product and receive the refund from the Vendor.


12.3       The application in 12.2 shall be made within forty-eight (48) hours after the Customer received the parcel from the Vendor and upon receiving the application from the Customer SAMEDAY.MY shall reserve its right to withhold the payment that should be made to the Vendor until the issue has been resolved.


12.4       The parcel shall be returned to the Vendor and the cost of the purchased Admin Fees, Cancellation Fee and Return Shipping/ Delivery Fee to return the Product or Item shall be borne: -

  1. by the Vendor (In the event of unforeseen error from the Vendor's end (i.e - damaged, faulty or wrong Item delivered to the Customer); or
  2. by the Customer (In the event the Customer's change of mind, Customer shall get Vendor's consent prior to the return request).


12.5       SAMEDAY.MY does not monitor the cancellation, return and refund process for offline payment.


12.6       Return and refund is not applicable for food and beverages and other perishable items or products.